What The Hen!




Go to war with a group of antiheroes


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What The Hen! is a strategy game where you've got to find the most entertaining characters in order to get back the hen at the end of the levels. Enjoy this odd adventure that puts you in charge a team of antiheroes.

You start the game with a big ol’ lady armed with a frying pan. Your attacking power increases with archers of questionable aim, fat bikers, badly built robots, and bugs armed up to their antennae. Each one has a different skill and you have to know how to take advantage of it. Plus each of these oddball characters can be upgraded so you have to analyze how far to take each one, depending on the battles against your enemies.

Once you’ve got the perfect deck, you need to confront your rivals face to face. During these battles you have to collect energy in order to use your characters; each one needs some recovery time and a certain amount of energy. Make sure to wisely manage who you’re going to fight with and pay attention to the character your enemy uses. Open chests each time you reach the end and upgrade your heroes with your rewards.

Have a great time with these very uncommon characters and fight against very special heroes in this super entertaining game.